Client Meeting Prep

What do you do when you get a lead?  Do you call right away, email and then never contact them?  What is your formal process?  Do you have a formal process - if you don't you need to.  Make it full proof do the same thing to each lead and document it along the way!  If you do this when that same bride contacts you 6 months later - because now she is ready, you know what to do!

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Materials Review -$75

Unsure of your marketing materials? Want a little advice on how to better them or what systems or services you should use to make sure that your brand sticks out.  Ask me!  I'll go over every piece that you have and give you a full report of what is great and what is not so great!


Process Review & Consultation - $99

Need a little help getting your process down pat.  We can suggest tools and a process for you to use when a lead come in.  We will provide you with pages to add to your company handbook.  This way all of your employees, current and future know what to do and what tools to use. Includes a materials review for your lead process

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Pricing Structures

Some planners use dotted lists as packages with what is included for a certain price. If you need someone to go through your list with you or help you create planning programs  and a pricing sturcture that may work better for you then let discuss it! We'll go through a session to see what you need to be charging and help you put a plan together to get you there .