Consulting / Mentoring

We all need a mentor from time to time, in life and in business.  With our mentoring program we propose to do just that.  Allowing you to be the assistant planner at one of our weddings is just not enough.  There are questions that you will have and lessons that you will need to learn before all of that happens.  Maybe you are in business now and just need some answers!

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Hourly Consulting

Let us know your topic(s) of what you need to learn and we'll schedule a time to sit together, chat via phone or skype, whatever is most convenient for you.  Covers any questions from contracts to pricing, branding, booking rentals, to how to design weddings, whatever the question may be! Hourly charge is $50, and we can schedule one hour at a time or as many hours as you need and then spread them out. 


Shadow At Our Weddings

Want to see how we work!  We don't mind.  If we have a wedding coming up we'll let you know the dates available and you can choose which one.  You won't have to work it, you can stand in the background and watch and see.  Then a day or two after the wedding we'll sit down and discuss what went well, what didn't go so well.  So when you do your own weddings you are well prepared and won't make the same mistakes.  Fee is $500.


Speaking Engagements

Veronica has a few focuses that can be a wonderful learning opportunity for professionals and for potential clients.  Veronica hosts "Ask the Expert" Events at bridal salons and rental companies statewide and has spoken at the Association of Bridal Consultant meetings and Planner's Suite Mixers.