Wedding Planning Starter Kit

And yes...I can help you!

With the release of your new Wedding Starter Kit I hope that I can help those brides that don't have the money to hire a wedding planner or those that think they don't need a wedding planner.

The kit contains such things as: 

  • THE LIST - step by step process in planning your wedding.
  • THE BUDGET - what it is and how you handle it.
  • Wedding Stationery - the components - information on all of the paper products for your wedding day and beyond.
  • Event Decor Tips
  • Wedding No No's

Once you read though all 26 pages of it you'll be much more informed of how to go about planning your wedding day!

What's even better is that the kit is offered for FREE!!  Just fill out the form below and we'll email you the kit within 24 hours!  Be sure to contact us with feedback and if you think we missed something - let us know - we'll add it in!!