Styled Shoots

We have two options - join us or let us join you!


Join Us

We have put together a great Facebook Group just for Styled Shoots and Planner Workshops!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN.  The group hosts information on all upcoming scheduled shoots!

Let Us Join You

Have an idea on a styled shoot you want to do? Let us know and we'll help you create the image and look for the professionals that can make that idea a reality! Shoot us an email or JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP


See the magic that we can put together then let the world see the magic that we've created!  Continue below for specific details!


Planning / Styling

Each shoot will be set with a planner and designer. The planners have the contacts to help make the dream happen and the designer has the eye that you need to get the detailed shots that your clients want to see.


With more than one photographer allowed at each shoot it will allow for different styles to be seen.  We'll make sure that each photographer has more than enough time and live models to work with.


We've put together a listing of fantastic publications that we may submit weddings too.  Each photographer will get to choose the publication that the gets their photos.  

Be sure to contact us with questions, concerns or let us know if you are ready to get workin'!