Behind The Business - Wedding Planner Classes

Many people want to be wedding planners, but only a few actually become wedding planners and even less become GREAT wedding planners.  I can give you the information and the guidance that you need to get your business up and running and give you some ideas and tools to maintain your business.  

Why should you take my classes? Because I've been in business since 2002 and I've learned from mistakes and can give you the information that you need so you don't make those mistakes.  Of  course you could always read my bio and learn a little bit more....but it is better to learn from someone that has been there and back, holds a great reputation in the area with vendors and brides!

The classes are easy - they are 3 hours long and very intense because there is a lot of information to cram into those 3 hours.  I will give you lots of information to leave with and you have the option of adding some additional one on one training hours as you need them!  Each class contains something different so if you are just starting or if you are already in business when you attend you'll leave with information that will make your business better.

Why am I even teaching this class?  Someone asked me last time why do I give all this information to potential competition? It is a great question...and the answer is....because they aren't my competition.  I have a niche already and now it is up to you to catch up....I can't do this forever so why not teach and give wedding planners a good name and create great wedding planners for future brides to hire!?

This is some of the things that we'll cover in class: 

Class Two - April 19th - Marketing

  • How to Charge for your services
  • Blogging/Social Media
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Materials 
  • Print Ads
  • Wedding Submissions
  • Bridal Show Booths

Class Three - June 21st - Adding to your bottom line

  • Rentals
  • Managing Inventory - also what types of inventory should planners keep on hand?
  • Retailing / Invitations & Gifts
  • The Art of Giving Referrals
  • Adding Design to your list of services

Class Four - August 23rd - The Planning Process

  • General Considerations
  • Checklists
  • Software for Planners
  • Guest Lists
  • Venues Visits / Logistics
  • Ceremony
  • Reception

Class Five - October 18th - Business Details

  • Networking
  • Contracts
  • Different ways of pricing
  • Bridal Budgets
  • Emergency kits
  • Bride Info Forms
  • After The Wedding

Class Six - December 13th - The Final Details

  • Conducting a Rehearsal
  • Building a Timeline
  • Professional Conversations
  • Coordinating a Reception
  • Follow Up Questions to Any and All Classes


**Attendees of the class will also receive access to our exclusive online wedding planner group - AND emailed newsletter FREE!!!**


You also have the opportunity to purchase a CD with some really great information on it!  The CD contains:

  • My CURRENT Wedding Contract (word doc)
  • An actual wedding timeline (word doc)
  • Bride Information Form (word doc)
  • Social Media Management Spreadsheet (Excel doc)
  • The real wedding planner emergency kit list!


Hurry and sign up for the class - I think the room only fits 12 people! 

All classes will be held at The Greensboro Downtown Marriott, Greensboro, NC.  Exact Dates are listed above!!

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