{Guest Post} 4 Unique Wedding Themes to Make Your Dream Wedding Unforgettable

4 Unique Wedding Themes to Make Your Dream Wedding Unforgettable It is a woman’s ultimate dream to walk down the aisle wearing an immaculate dress and the perfect stone adorning her finger - the perfect ring chosen by her husband-to-be from among the sea of gorgeous engagement rings in that fancy shop of fine jewellery. And after months of planning and preparations, her dream day has finally come.

So what does it take to come up with a ‘perfect wedding’? A lot of factors come in, but one of the most important is being able to decide the right theme for your wedding. So why do a lot of couples choose to take this route and not the traditional path? Well, because theme weddings can be so much fun and a lot less stressful than an excruciatingly conservative one.

So here are some fresh ideas you may want to try if you're keen on having a unique and different kind of wedding.

The Western Wedding Theme

To really get that western feel, make sure to book a western band to play for you, or if music runs in the veins of your friends and family, why not just try to ask them to dress up and play? Your wedding can take place in your town’s country bar and barbecue resto. Set up a huge grill in the parking lot, where everybody can dance afterwards. To make it more unique, try setting up a large horseshoe with lots of lights - Vegas style where you and your guests can have your photos taken.



The Paradise Theme


Now this can really be nice and easy.  All you need is to transform your backyard into a wild Polynesian paradise. Give out leis at your door, rent plenty of potted palms, and then light your backyard with lots of tiki torches. Portable palm-front huts can be set up around the buffet and bar, making sure you have lots of those cute miniature cocktail umbrellas and cherry garnishes for your drinks. Either hire surf bands or a DJ for never-ending exotic music or relaxed Hawaiian acoustic guitar tunes.

The Arabian Nights Theme



With this you will need tons of silky cushions instead of chairs, or you can cover your banquette and sofas with nice Oriental rugs and have long brocade swaths. Have lots of finer foods like stuffed grape leaves, olives, baklava and pita-bread triangles that are nice and warm on brass-colored trays. Have plenty of delectable platters of swordfish kebab, couscous, and lamb. You can finish it all off with lemon wedges and grapes with some rose-water drizzled all over them. The festivities will not be complete without some spicy incense and Middle Eastern and North African music.


The Forest Grove Theme


Why not try a dejeuner sur l’herbe in a forest grove bursting with sunlight? You can have the tables and chairs set up under the trees and have them draped with white linens. Allow flowering vines or iv


y trail along the tables and serve earthy foods such as grilled quail, wild mushroom tarts, fresh salad sprinkled with flowers (the edible ones, of course), and rich walnut cakes. Ambient music can be provided by a small quartet, and just allow the background sound to be supplied by the wind blowing through the trees. How romantic!

So you see, it’s not just your gown, expensive wedding and engagement rings that will make a big impact on this occasion. It’s the fun gathering and celebration with people closest to your heart that really matters.

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Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings, to the online world.