{Question} From a Reader!

Last week I received an email from a blog reader and she asked me - How do you create such events?  Where do you get your inspiration from? Instead of emailing a reply I thought I would do another blog post to explain a little bit about WHERE inspiration come from with Behind The Scenes Inc.

The answer is easy - Our Clients!  I don't usually read wedding magazines - they are full of "inspiration" (unrealistic reception tables..but I'll leave this for another post).  Over the years our clients have all asked for something out of the ordinary, something fun for their guests and something unique to them.  So, as inspiration we take their own uniqueness add a little fun to it and then make sure that the guests are well take care of.

So the answer is our inspiration is YOU!  It's your wedding and the worst thing that we'll do during the planning process is go "Hmmm...that may work, but what do you think about this idea?"  If you don't like it - you get exactly what you want!

It causes things like this to happen: