Personal Stationery & Thank You Notes

One thing brides wait to the lat minute to do is to order their personal stationery and thank you notes.  A lot of couples want everything to blend in - and they want to show off their new monogram logo as a couple. You should order your Thank you cards around the same time as you order your Save The Dates - this way they are available if you receive gifts, party invitations, etc before your wedding date.

If you keep on top of the Thank you notes as things occur or as you receive gifts, not only will you have less stress on yourself, but your guests will be flabbergasted!

When choosing your stationery determine some of the options for use.  You could continue using it throughout your marriage, personal notes to friends and family, thank you's to business associates, etc.

Personal Stationery 2

Personal Stationery

Thank You Card

View some of the great selections that we have available by CLICKING HERE.

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Don't forget to get envelope labels!  You can tailor them to your personality and add a personal touch - or get colored envelopes! Who doesn't like getting them in the mail!

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