Greet your wedding guests

Being as you have a limited amount of time (one day) to make sure that you speak to all of your wedding guests, conduct the ceremonial aspects of the wedding (cutting the cake, first dances, etc) things can get super busy for a bride and groom.  So here are some ideas to help eliminate some of the stress and allow you, as a couple, to enjoy your wedding day.

  1. Determine beforehand all of the important people that you may have to seek out, anyone in a wheel chair and that traveled far distances, etc.  This way your game plan is not mapped out before the wedding, but you have an idea of who you’ll need to find, and if you find them all in one spot – that is even better!
  2. Table Hop – Right after you eat (yes, eat) and after the cake is cut (but not served) try to mingle a little bit.  Start at the table furthest from your sweetheart table so you can be sure you’ll get a second with everyone.
  3. Work as a team.  Don’t let one another start long conversations, keep it moving.
  4. Use your place cards to say thank you.  Write a personal note to all guests (or a few) by using your place cards or wedding favor.  Make sure that it isn’t generic; try to make them all hand written and personal.
  5. Send postcards from your honeymoon.  If you are prepared, take a list or labels and send your wedding guest list postcards from your honeymoon.  You’ll return to lots of phone calls and everyone will appreciate you thinking of them during this important time.