Do something out of the ordinary

I get a lot of phone calls from brides and they always say “I want to do something different”, sometimes they do, but most times they don’t. J Here are some ideas for you if you truly want to do a little something different!

  1. At your ceremony liven up your exit music – make it something that all the guests will move to.  Get them dancing and celebrating early!
  2. Liven up the food – add live chef’s and action stations that they can visit and walk around the room.  This will not only get the guests up and moving around, but it will create a stir because everyone will be asking – “What is that over there?”
  3. Do something personal for each guest.  If you are having a small wedding  try using the favors as a personal gift from you to them.
  4. Throw a full on after party – if your wedding is in a hotel or an event center.  After all of the “formalities” move the party to another room, change dresses and have a great time!

If you really want to do something different – change around the order!

Start off with your cocktail reception first (and be there!) where a nice cocktail dress and mingle with your guests, then head to dinner, eat!! Once you are done eating sneak out to change, then have everyone move to the ceremony and then party!  To do this you’ll need a wedding planner for the logistics, but I know your guests will be surprised, and pleased at the extra time they’ll get to spend with the newlywed couple!