Wedding Welcome Basket...Bag...

We make a lot of wedding welcome bags each wedding season and I thought we would share some of the best ways to do that yourself. 1.  The bag/basket/box is important.  It should of course fit what you are going to put tin there, it can be decorated with bows and labels and they come in so many different colors.  The best way to do this is to decide what you are going to put inside FIRST then search for the best way to package it.

2.  Be sure to include a letter from the two of you along with a schedule of the wedding - when is rehearsal dinner, ceremony begin times, addresses - no more need for maps (everyone has GPS).  Be sure that you also include info for a contact person so if they have issues they have someone to call.  This should not be your wedding planner (she already has to make your wedding great!).  Be sure to also add info on dress code!

3.  Snacks - yes you should include a few, chips, stick of gum, bottle of water.  Sometime that maybe is specific to your location.  If the room is being shared by two people - be sure to include two of everything.  One thing we found is a lot of fun for couples is a bag of microwave popcorn!

4.  Give them something to pamper - chap stick, hand sanitizer, lotion something that both men and women can work with. Maybe include a coupon to a local ice cream shop or pizza parlor. Oh yeah - don't forget a bottle of aspirin.

5.  If you know a couple is staying in the room - what about a great "Do Not Disturb" sign with their names on it.

You could also ask the hotel to place a thank you note in each room after they leave for your wedding!  Doing something nice for your guests makes the wedding day even more memorable!