Destination Weddings {Greensboro Wedding Planner}

D'andre & Anthony Many people think of a destination wedding as one that is held in another country or in a far-off locale.  Really a destination wedding is anytime that you and your guests will need to travel to attend.  Sometimes you may want to get married where you grew up - not where you currently live.  With the right contracts and early planning a destination wedding may be no more difficult to organize that one close to home.

When choosing venue you want to keep in mind a few things - the photos on the website may not look like the true venue.  Be sure to make a list of a few and VISIT! You don't want to be unpleasantly surprised on your wedding day!

You also want to start planning at least twelve months out - so you have enough time to make a few visits to meet with vendors and tour venues, etc. I would suggest trying to visit during the week as most wedding vendors are busy on weekends and can't always meet on event days.

Make sure that these visits are added into your budget - as with any wedding costs can get out of hand and with a good budget you can accomplish anything!

The most important thing - hire a local planner - they know the local venues and professionals in the area that can accomplish what you want within the budget that you need.  Visit to begin your search for a qualified wedding planner!

Happy Planning!

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