Don't forget these things at your wedding...Part 1 {Greensboro Wedding Planner}

If you are planning a wedding on your own - even if you hire a day of planner - be sure not to miss these important items!

1. Directional Signage.  Your guests may not know where to go so be sure to have markers or signs letting them know they are in the right place.  Also if your ceremony is in one location and your reception in another be sure to have direction cards to hand out after the ceremony is over people never bring their invitation and may not know the address of where to go next.

2. Escort Cards.  When seating is assigned ahead of time it helps the guests to know where to go next.

3. The Guest Book. Make it snappy and fun for the guests, not just signing their name and address.  The guest book can be used to entertain guests both before the ceremony and again at the reception so get creative with it.

4. Lighting.  Yes it is an added expense and most "budget planners" don't have it included but it makes a world of a difference from event to event, so be sure to consider it.

5. Kids. Make sure you have a game plan for the kids - don't leave it up to the parents.  Although "kids tables" look great they are very distracting to guests and so it helps to have them seated with their parents so they can make them behave. Part of a plan is to have activities ready for them at the tables, even something as simple as coloring books and crayons.

Keep an eye out for part 2!

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