How to choose your wedding colors

When we meet with brides that haven't decided yet what colors they want to use for their wedding day it is always a tough decision.  These are the colors that will be ever ingrained in your special wedding day memories, so choose wisely! First, let me say choosing colors is not a THEME a wedding theme is much different and you'll be able to read up on those in an upcoming blog post.

Before you choose your wedding colors - you should have booked your wedding venue already.  Yes, I put it out there, brides tend to get ahead of themselves and buy a dress and choose colors before they have a location, it makes the planning process much more difficult, because then you have to find a venue that matches the colors (or at least doesn't clash).

So when you choose colors take into consideration the time of year, your location, an idea on floral that you want to use (make sure they are in season), your bridal party attire (what colors would blend with skin tones) and of course favorite colors.  You'll want to choose two or three - when it gets more than that it starts looking like a rainbow so be careful.

Here are a couple of idea boards that we've done for clients over the years, both to help them choose colors and to give them an idea of what their weddings would look like.

Stacy Gibbs Inspiration Board

Jessica's Wedding Inspiration

What colors are you using for your wedding day?

Happy Planning!

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