More Wedding Couples Want Smaller More Intimate Weddings

Is this you?  The Wedding Report ( says that it surveyed both professionals and brides and that the weddings are getting smaller and intimate, but I’ve seen that the guest counts are rising.  Let me explain the benefit of a small intimate wedding: Small & Intimate

You need less of EVERYTHING – including smaller budget.  With smaller weddings you can spend more time enjoying yourself and your wedding day because you remove that stressful “visit all the tables and try to say hello to everyone, even the people that you don’t know” time of day.  Your décor can me more detailed and personal for your benefit and the benefit of the guests attending.  Even though you could use less of a budget you may not want to, so you can get all those details and hire the best professionals for your wedding day.

Big Bash

Fun, because there are more people, large and loud!  These are still fun, but the details get lost in the crush of people so you can forget about favors, etc.  They most likely won’t be expecting them anyway.  You may not have a budget for a big bash so you may have to improvise on some of your wish list.  If you do have the budget for the big bash – go for it, each bride, groom and wedding is different!  Just be sure that you hire professionals for your day so you can enjoy some of it!

Personally I adore….BOTH!  Part of me loves the details and intimacy that a small wedding can give and the other side of me loves a huge party!  I’m a Gemini after all! J

Which do you prefer?

Happy Planning!

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