At a wedding, which details do you think best bring guests together?

How are you going to bring your two families together at your wedding?  We’ve seen some doozies over the years, and it is sometimes hard to blend two families in just one day, but through good planning you could use some tactics to get the process started! Some of our favorite options are:

  1. The use of banquet tables instead of traditional round tables – Yes it takes a little more planning of floor space and different types of centerpieces ( a good thing ) but it does help to promote introductions.
  2. The Bar – Not just alcohol! I know what you were thinking! What about a smore’s bar or ok, martini bar.  Candy bars (need to be done correctly) Cigar Bars, etc there are all types available that can help friends and family meet one another.
  3. Gathering Spaces – if your venue has other “non-traditional” seating or space for you to add seating like sofas and lounges where people can sit and mingle – they will!
  4. Entertainment – bands are great! A good wedding DJ can also get the families involved in not just line dances but games and things to keep the party going!

Some brides & grooms think that a photo booth helps bring the families together, but it doesn’t – it promotes photos with current family and friends – not the introduction of new family members.

Keep this in mind while you plan your own wedding!

Happy Planning!

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