Social Media & Your Wedding Day

Do you ask your wedding guests to put away their phones or not?  It is a tough decision that brides and grooms need to ask themselves now.  Here are some things for you to think about....and then you need to decide... Social Media Yes.jpg

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To Have Social Media

This is when you don't say anything to your guests or you give them a hashtag to post the photos that they take of your wedding day all over their social media accounts.  Does this appeal to you?  To some brides it does, they welcome it creating their own hashtags.  It does allow you to get photos that you may have not seen or have been able to get from your photographer, it also means though that your photographer may not be able to get the photos that you need or ask for because of everyone else getting in the way with a cell phone.

One of our clients thought this was a great idea, but her uncle took a photo of her before she walked down the aisle and posted it on Facebook before the ceremony started - her groom saw her before her altar walk and she was pretty hurt, but she had put the hashtag on her wedding invitations and promoted that she wanted it all over social media.  What do you do?

Or to Not Have Social Media

This is when you would ask your guests to put their cell phones down and just enjoy the day with you, at least during the ceremony.  Some guests may get angry.  Your aunt who has waited wants photos of the ceremony and will nudge out the photographer with her instant camera isn't going to listen anyway.  Otherwise the photo below shows exactly what happens - less those people standing up with a tablet also taking photos.

Some brides may not want to ask - it may be too much, but it really isn't, it's your special day and everyone should be willing.  Most professional photographers will email you access to your photos and you can send them out to your friends and family and post them on social media yourself.

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Now that you've thought a little bit about it...what are you going to do?

Happy Planning!

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