How to book your wedding venue

Grandover Lawn - Facing Building I see so many couples just jumping into contracts with wedding venues without considering what they really want for their wedding day.  Sometimes couples jump because they like the price or they want something grand.  If they hired a real wedding planner we have different options for price and for grand.

There have been times we had a blank room and made it grander than Grandover itself! What is my advice.  PLAN IT OUT!!

Plan out your visits before you get there, you'll need a couple of things first:

  1. BUDGET - what are you ok with spending on your venue and catering (most are included together!)
  2. THEME or LOOK, you'll need to know something about what you want your wedding day to consist of so you can find a place to match - or find a blank space to change.
  3. SCHEDULE try to go and see them all in one day so they are all fresh in your mind!

When you visit you'll need to consider even more items:

  1. Location - how far from ceremony location or do they have reception and ceremony in the same place?
  2. How far will guests need to travel? Are hotels nearby?  Will you need transportation to and from?
  3. What is included in the rental and do I really need it!? Just because they offer white linens don't mean that you'll use them so don't make that a factor in your decision - unless you want to use them.
  4. How much time does my rental include for my wedding day? How much time will I need for set up? Is there a cocktail hour space for my guests?

There are lots more reasons to consider a venue don't let a sales person push you into something on your first visit, sleep on it and then decide, otherwise it could cost you a lot of money!

Happy Planning!

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