Live Flowers After The Wedding

What do you do with live flowers after your wedding?

Most times we make sure that the bride and groom take one to the honeymoon suite with them. A small one as a rememberance of their wedding day. Also the mothers take a centerpiece home. We always have the florsit make them easily removable from whatever container they are in if the containers are rentals.

So if you have 18 tables (average wedding) then what do you do with the other 15 centerpieces? Donate them! Hospitals and Nursing homes are open 24/7 and they love to receive things like these! The residents and/or patients that don’t have visitors would be able to see that and know that someone was thinking about them.

As brides or grooms I know you don’t have time to do this after your wedding so let us do it for you. It’s a free service that we offer to anyone, not just our own clients. I am a cancer survior and so I am partial to donating to the Cone Health Cancer Center. Those patients and the staff there appreciate it everytime they see me coming with lots of flowers!

Just fill out the form below, we’ll contact you and your florist, super simple!

Happy Planning!