A Little Bit About Me....

I don’t share much about myself as I usually like to stay out of sight of most, hence the name of my company “Behind The Scenes Inc”. Other than what I put in a bio for a speaking engagments or on this website most don’t know much about me. So I am going to tell you a few key things.

  1. I LOVE going to Church! I attend the Pentecosts of Greensboro Church on Merritt drive and have for the past 8 or 9 years. I love my Church family, my Pastor is Awesome and I handle all of the outside weddings there!

  2. I am a Grammy….yes I know! It killed me at first because I always pictured myself a Grammy when I have a full head of grey hair and couldn’t stand up straight. But when you have 3 girls ages 24, 12 and 10 at least one is “that age”.

  3. My dog Roxy is a pain in my butt. Whenever I sit at my desk she crawls right under there, takes up the entire space because she is a large Rotweiler and snores! :)

Those 3 things give me motiviation to run my own business, provide fantastic customer service and overall love life. I’ve been blessed to be able to work from home and spend time with my kids (and even my dog).

What are 3 things that I should know about you?