Sandals & Beaches Resorts Virtual WeddingMoon Webinar

First...yes it is FREE! It's online and you can listen from your home!  Then you email me for questions and details!  It is that easy!  Be sure to attend one of January's events - the RSVP link is below.  Once you RSVP we'll send you the details to call in or attend online!

January 21st at 8 pm

January 31st at 2 pm

The webinar lasts about 30 minutes and gives you a lot of information to discuss with your fiance and then with your wedding planner!

Remember - when you book your Destination Wedding for Sandals or Beaches Resorts with us we help you from start to finish with the planning FREE!  We help with your guests' travel and accommodations, give you discounts on cool Destination Wedding Invitations and much more!

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Happy Planning!

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Sandals and Beaches Resorts Certification....CHECK!!

VERONICA FOSTER & LA DAVID FOSTR OF BEHIND THE SCENES INC ATTENDS SANDALS RESORTS’ LUXURY INCLUDED® WORSKSHOP AT   SANDALS WHITEHOUSE, JAMAICA  Whitehouse, Jamaica, November 7, 2014 – On November 7, 2014, Veronica Foster and La David Foster of Behind The Scenes Inc participated in an intensive workshop administered by Unique Vacations, Inc. (UVI), the worldwide sales and marketing representative for Sandals, Beaches, and Grand Pineapple Beach resorts. This year’s workshop – The Closer You Look, The Better We Look –offers detailed information on Sandals Resorts International extensive portfolio – comprised of Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts, and Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts – as well as an overview of new developments, services and amenities. All who participate in the workshop are eligible to become Certified Sandals Specialists (CSS), an elite group recognized by Unique Vacations, Inc. as experts in the worlds only Luxury Included® Resorts.

According to Veronica Foster of Behind The Scenes Inc], there is a serious job at hand, understanding the nuances of each brand within the Sandals Resorts portfolio is critical to her customers.  “My clients rely on me to help them make the best honeymoon/vacation choices so that every hard-earned dollar they spend is giving them true value,” said Veronica].  “I am thrilled to have been a part of this workshop. I have come away with a wealth of knowledge. My clients want to feel confident that the information they receive is based on expert knowledge and now, my Certified Sandals Specialist designation does just that.”


Us at Sandals Whitehouse!

Beach Party!

Yes! We took this photo on our way to Breakfast!

Us on the Catamaran Cruise!!

The food is FANTASTIC!!!

According to Gary Sadler, Senior Vice President of Sales at UVI, relying on a Certified Sandals Specialist is one of the best ways consumers can get the most out of their Caribbean experience.  “Vacation and Honeymoons are memories in the making,” said Sadler.  “You don’t get a second chance to celebrate the perfect honeymoon or family reunion. It has to be just right. Certified Sandals Specialists such as Veronica and David are helping us to match customers to their ideal experience. We congratulate both of them for participating in our workshop, and wish them the very best.”

Don't forget these things at your wedding...Part 1 {Greensboro Wedding Planner}

If you are planning a wedding on your own - even if you hire a day of planner - be sure not to miss these important items!

1. Directional Signage.  Your guests may not know where to go so be sure to have markers or signs letting them know they are in the right place.  Also if your ceremony is in one location and your reception in another be sure to have direction cards to hand out after the ceremony is over people never bring their invitation and may not know the address of where to go next.

2. Escort Cards.  When seating is assigned ahead of time it helps the guests to know where to go next.

3. The Guest Book. Make it snappy and fun for the guests, not just signing their name and address.  The guest book can be used to entertain guests both before the ceremony and again at the reception so get creative with it.

4. Lighting.  Yes it is an added expense and most "budget planners" don't have it included but it makes a world of a difference from event to event, so be sure to consider it.

5. Kids. Make sure you have a game plan for the kids - don't leave it up to the parents.  Although "kids tables" look great they are very distracting to guests and so it helps to have them seated with their parents so they can make them behave. Part of a plan is to have activities ready for them at the tables, even something as simple as coloring books and crayons.

Keep an eye out for part 2!

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A DJ vs. A Wedding DJ

This past year we've had the honor - and not so much of an honor working with DJ's and Wedding DJ's and YES! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

Some of my Wedding DJ friends might appreciate this post and the NON- Wedding DJ Friends might not, but if I want a wedding to go off with out a huge issue - we need wedding DJ's at weddings!!

At one of the weddings this year we had a non-wedding DJ say that he wasn't going to do the announcements, that he didn't know what to say and that he would charge the coupe $50 extra! Needless to say I ended up doing the announcements because I didn't want him messing things up, but it is difficult to hand a bride her toss bouquet and do all the announcements on my own.  When it came time for dancing he played what he would have played at the club - cuss words and all!!!  People started leaving early and the bride and groom left about an hour and a half before scheduled time.

Then we had a wedding with an actual WEDDING DJ! Announcements were made (flawless) and games were played (again, flawless) and the guests had a great time.  For the dancing the same music as the wedding above was played - but clean versions and people stayed longer, danced longer and had a lot of fun.  The bride and groom left on time and guests stayed and danced a little while we started cleaning up and it was fun to have music while we picked up candles and pulled linen!

I've done many posts over the years of why couples should hire professionals in the industry, but it seems no matter what there is always someone that doesn't listen.

Oh yeah - we also had a couple this year that didn't pay their DJ - so he didn't show up!  Lesson learned!

Happy Planning!

A New Partnership


We always like working with great professional companies.  Recently we had a seating chart made by this company and it was fantastic!  The guests loved it and it is a great keepsake for our brides.  Not to mention we didn't have to place tons of escort cards all over the place so it was a win-win for everyone!

Sweeping Elegance Seating Chart

So we thought we would share this great company with you. For a limited time when you order a seating chart through us we'll give you a free toasting set for your wedding day!  You'll be able to check off two great to do's off your lists!

Vintage Floral Seating Chart

There are also great table numbers, menus, donations cards and more that match and look fantastic!  You choose your colors and your fonts!

About the Seating Chart Boutique

The Seating Chart Boutique specializes in unique seating arrangement presentations for your wedding or special event. From off-the-shelf designs to custom designs, our seating charts will make a great first impression when your guests walk into your reception! -

To see more: Click Here

What A Wedding Costs (When You Use Professionals) | Every Last Detail

I wanted to share this with everyone - it is from the Every Last Detail Blog.  These are also the types of weddings that we do best, where our clients are happiest, families relaxed and reminiscing - all while we are still sweating, but knowing that there are other professionals onsite. What A Wedding Costs (When You Use Professionals) | Every Last Detail.

What A Wedding Costs (When You Use Professionals)


Wedding Welcome Basket...Bag...

We make a lot of wedding welcome bags each wedding season and I thought we would share some of the best ways to do that yourself. 1.  The bag/basket/box is important.  It should of course fit what you are going to put tin there, it can be decorated with bows and labels and they come in so many different colors.  The best way to do this is to decide what you are going to put inside FIRST then search for the best way to package it.

2.  Be sure to include a letter from the two of you along with a schedule of the wedding - when is rehearsal dinner, ceremony begin times, addresses - no more need for maps (everyone has GPS).  Be sure that you also include info for a contact person so if they have issues they have someone to call.  This should not be your wedding planner (she already has to make your wedding great!).  Be sure to also add info on dress code!

3.  Snacks - yes you should include a few, chips, stick of gum, bottle of water.  Sometime that maybe is specific to your location.  If the room is being shared by two people - be sure to include two of everything.  One thing we found is a lot of fun for couples is a bag of microwave popcorn!

4.  Give them something to pamper - chap stick, hand sanitizer, lotion something that both men and women can work with. Maybe include a coupon to a local ice cream shop or pizza parlor. Oh yeah - don't forget a bottle of aspirin.

5.  If you know a couple is staying in the room - what about a great "Do Not Disturb" sign with their names on it.

You could also ask the hotel to place a thank you note in each room after they leave for your wedding!  Doing something nice for your guests makes the wedding day even more memorable!