Venue Visit: Suite 300 & Kress Terrace

At least once a month I will go through and re-visit some of the area venues and give you some really great ideas to use them for your own wedding. Disclaimer: Not everyone can pull it off - AND don't sign a contract without reviewing it first!  That doesn't mean sit there and skim - it means take it home read it, highlight the areas of question and then ask the questions!  If you have a planner, they do this for you!  If you don't have a planner.  Quickly call us 336-25-9331 and we'll be your planner!

Suite 300 is a beautiful room - and the decor is nice, but it needs a little help.  Look at these photos:



2015-09-17 13.53.10

This is a little bar - away from the party that blocks a hallway to the bride room.  I don't like it as a bar - but it would be really cute as a kissing booth!!!

2015-09-17 13.53.18

This light is in the pool room.

2015-09-17 13.53.21

The pool room.

2015-09-17 13.53.30

The Groom's Room

2015-09-17 13.53.38

The Grooms Room

2015-09-17 13.53.54

Side with guest seating.

2015-09-17 13.54.04

This is the head table that was set up when I visited and the black dance floor.  Two things here - I hate the black dance floor, it should be white, light wood or copper to match the theme of the room.  In addition the mix of chairs is odd - the Chavari's should be silver to match or even better clear!

2015-09-17 13.54.10

Love the lounge furniture!

2015-09-17 13.54.13

These chair covers come with the rental price!

2015-09-17 13.54.16

These are the lights - I am loving the bling!!!

2015-09-17 13.54.25

Cute for a head table - but the guests will not be able to see the bride and groom - because of the location of the table and the pillars in the room.

2015-09-17 13.54.34

The bar!!  WOW!!!

2015-09-17 13.54.42

Another shot of the lounge furniture!

2015-09-17 13.55.03

The beautiful glass light in the bridal suite

2015-09-17 13.55.09

A better shot of the bridal suite!

2015-09-17 13.55.17

The back side of that wooden bar.

2015-09-17 13.55.26

Lounge area for the bridal party.

2015-09-17 13.55.31

Very cute art work!

2015-09-17 13.55.55

The water feature when you come in the door.

Overall I give the location an B, with a few enhancements by a great designer (me), it can be the ultimate wedding venue.  It is not cheap, in all actuality you pay for the lounge furniture and the linens. Entry into the venue is difficult also, through a parking deck and down a manned elevator with a code, so getting out is difficult also.

Our brides would love this venue - with the enhancements because it is modern and new! Let me know your thoughts if you've seen this venue or will be hosting your wedding here!

Happy Planning!

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Malika & Alex, Grandover Resort 2015 - Ceremony & Reception

Sorry about making you wait, but there is only so much room in a blog post!  Here are photos from Malika & Alex's wedding ceremony and reception!  Enjoy!!

Now for the reception! onto planning your wedding!!

Malika & Alex, Grandover Resort 2015 Day 2

If you thought Day 1 was fantastic - wait until you see day 2!  There were 3 total ceremonies and a reception on this day - the Chuda Ceremony, the Baarat, the Wedding Ceremony and the Reception.  Check out a couple of photos from each! Chuda Ceremony - On the wedding day the rituals at the girl’s home begin with the Chuda ceremony. To commemorate the Chuda ceremony, a havan or puja is conducted by the pandit. Thereafter, the pundit ties a mauli on the to be bride’s wrist. The oldest maternal uncle and aunt play an important role in the performance of the ceremony. They fast till the event is completed. Chuda is basically a set of red and cream ivory bangles that is touched by all present. People touch the chuda and give their heartiest wishes to the girl for her future married life. Also, they sprinkle flower petals on the bride. Prasad is distributed to all. After that, the girl’s uncle, aunt, friends and cousins tie kaliras (silver, gold or gold plated traditional ornaments) to a bangle worn by the girl.

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Next up is the Baraat!

View More:

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Malika & Alex, Grandover Resort 2015 Day 1

Sorry I am posting this one so late!  Things have been a little hectic, but this wedding that you are about to view is my favorite for 2015 for sure.  It was also the most challenging and it was so wonderful to LEARN about another culture.  The families from both the bride and groom were just wonderful and we were blessed to be a part of their special day! Day one was full of Henna and the ever fun Sangeet!  The dancers were awesome!  Huge shout out to the NC State Dance Teams!!!

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

Three Little Birds Studio LLC

The Checklist - 2 - 4 Months

Here is the "To Do List" for your wedding once you are 2 - 4 months out and you've completed EVERYTHING in the previous posts 4-6 Months out 9 Months out and 12 Months out. 2-4 months before

  • Find out what your state’s requirements are for obtaining a marriage license.
  • Order tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen
  • Meet with your caterer to discuss the menu and your bar/liquor needs
  • Meet with your officiant to discuss ceremony details, wording and wedding vows
  • Select wedding readings
  • Buy thank-you gifts for your attendants, flower girl and ring bearer
  • Shop for a gift for your new spouse-to-be
  • Select and purchase wedding rings, and have them engraved if desired
  • Coordinate and choose a location for the rehearsal dinner
  • Contact party rental companies for table linens, tents, tables, arches, etc. if necessary. Your wedding planner will have taken care of this for you.  If you don’t have a planner, then call us and we can help!
  • Book any other specialty services – ice sculptures, photo booths, etc.
  • Purchase luggage and other travel necessities and attire for your honeymoon. If you registered at Dillard’s you will get 20% off these items!
  • Order/renew passports if necessary, leaving ample time for them to be sent back to you
  • Schedule an appointment with your dentist if you’d like to have your teeth whitened or cleaned before the wedding

Ordering Table Linens

Just one of the many details that enhance the look of a wedding are of course the wedding linens!  Here are some tips on ordering your own.  (Of course if you hired us....this would be taken care of!)

  1. Make sure you have your guests are seated comfortably and that you have an accurate account of who will be attending. 
  2. Call your wedding venue and make sure that you have the sizes of the table and ask what size linen do they recommend for the look that you are going for.
  3. Make sure that you have a floor plan of what the table set up will look like.  This should include, guest tables, sweetheart and/or head tables, gift tables, cake tables, candybar, and food tables. Each table size should be listed so you order the correct number and size of table linens.
  4. Now that you have all of this information - choose your linens!!

Check out some of the new fabrics we've added to our line!

Purple Burlap

Burnt Orange Burlap

Coral Cotton

Blush Cotton

Royal Shantung

Orchid Shantung

Navy Shantung

Mint Shantung

Coral Shantung

Charcoal Shantung

Blush Shantung

Navy/White Print

Orange Chevron Print

White Hemstitch

Coral Organza

Silver Hemstitch

Royal Hemstitch

Ivory Hemstitch

Navy Hemstitch

Gold Hemstitch

Brown Hemstitch

Silver Glitter Glitz

Black Hemstitch

Mauve Glitter Glitz

Champagne Glitter Glitz

Black Glitter Glitz

White Gardenia

Ivory Gardenia

Champagne Gardenia

Coral Flower Taffeta

Blush Flower Taffeta

Ivory Flocking Damask

Champagne Chain Link

A new trend - What do you think of it?

The art of the suspended cake.  I like this idea - although it would need to be in the right setting - formal, no children, etc. :)  It would also have to be done right!  Check out these photos I found on Pintrest!

Supended CakeThis would be ok - but what are those round things?

Suspended CakeOk, but the flower arrangement is a little much.  I am sure it looked spectacular at the event though!

Suspended Cake 2

Awesome!  But how in the world are they supposed to cut it?

Suspended Cake 4

This one is a disaster waiting to happen!  Look how close it is to the table and chairs!  The chair covers are beautiful though!

What do you think?  Want to try this at your wedding?

Happy Planning!

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