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  Artful Dinner

One of the things that I also do as a wedding planner is make sure that the food looks good and is served correctly. There is nothing like having someone throw down a pile of mess in front of you to eat - or having to get up and go through a buffet line to see piles of terrible looking food!

I see a lot of brides trying to short change this area and save money.  Saving money is always great EXCEPT when it comes to good food and service on your wedding day!  It is the biggest point of memory your guests will have.

Start with setting the table correctly.

Basic Table Setting

This is a basic table set up and very elegant. It is also very easy for wedding guests to understand.

Most importantly make sure the food tastes and looks good!  There is a HUGE difference between a CHEF and a COOK!

Grilled Cheese

DIY Some Cute Vases!

This is a copy from (THIS WEBSITE) but I thought they were awesome so I thought I would try it!!  Except I don't use white paint on much....I love color!! This is the photo from the post:

String Candles

  • Jars in different sizes
  • Yarn
  • Masking tape
  • White Krylon spray paint
  • Fabric cut on the bias 1 1/2" wide by 10" per jar
  • Tea lights
  1. After your jars are sparkly clean, tightly wrap them with yarn in a crisscross pattern and tape the ends on the underside or the inside so they stay in place.  Don't place the tape on the outside of the jar where you will be painting.
  2. Cover an area in newspaper and give the jars 3 light coats of white Krylon spray paint (waiting 5-10 minutes in between coats) and let dry.
  3. Remove the yarn and wrap the tops with the bias fabric securing them with a knot.  You could also use ribbon for the tops, it's up to you.
  4. Add your tea lights and set your table.

Ok, now here is a photo of the ones that I made!

Gold Vases

TIP: Wait until the paint dries before touching it!! LOL!!

Happy Planning!

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Which bride will allow me to do this at her wedding?

I found something that I so want to do at an outdoor cocktail hour!  I think it would be so much fun for your wedding guests and you (the bride & groom) and me (your planner)!  We would build this backdrop of canvas attach balloons filled with paints (your choice of colors) and then your weddings guests each get a dart to throw to burst the balloons (or not!) and then you have a great piece of art for your home – and a great memory of all the fun everyone had busting balloons on your wedding day! wish451

Planning good activities or making sure that you guests are well fed - and hydrated are crucial to a great cocktail hour!

What do you have planned for your wedding guests?

Happy Planning!

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