Enjoy Live Flowers At Your Wedding

Recently we’ve met with a new company that is based out of Florida. I think that they are awesome and I go to see their product live and in person along with their process. I wanted to make sure that I bring this information to you all.

The name of the company is Enjoy Flowers and they specialize in you guessed it FLOWERS! For large and small weddings! No, they are not florists but they are GROWERS! So the flowers that you order from them are straight from the fields and designed just for you.

Here are a couple of photos of what they can do:

If you have photos of what you want they can get you pricing information, it is super easy!

Here is a downloadable flyer of infomation also! DOWNLOAD FLYER

If you have any questions please be sure to let us know! We are here to help!

Happy Planning!


Now that you are engaged...

Don’t run out and start hunting for venue’s or your dress! There is no rush I promise if your love is true you’ll have enough time to do the most important thing first.


Yes, I know its terrible to have to go through those numbers when you don’t know what things cost, but guess what? That is not what a wedding budget is! A budget is what you can afford for your wedding day. I know I’ve written quite a few posts trying to explain this but it seems every year about now someone gets themselves in a financial bind just because of skipping or misunderstanding this step.

How do you find out what your wedding budget is? How much can you afford to spend each month? Look at it as a bill, can you finace $500 a month $1000 or more? Do you have other family contributing to the wedding? Take all of this into consideration and have the conversations with your family this way everyone is on the same page and you won’t get into a bind later down the line.

What is the second most important step?


Yes, this is an important line item in your budget and I’m going to tell you why. A wedding planner does everyday what you cannot comprehend. She is the one that will find the venue for your wedding - within your budget, your photographer - within your budget, and so on. Not only that she is going to elimiate a bunch of steps that you have to take on if you do your wedding on your own so all you have to concentrate on is attire.

Those lists that you see online don’t do weddings justice. We once had 32 paid professionals all setting up at once for a wedding. I do understand that not all weddings are that intricate but they all mean something special to someone so why not take the extra step in guaranteeing that it is all that you ever belived that it would be?

Finding The Right Venue

Before you run out and find a venue please PLEASE consider finding a great wedding planner first, but if you don’t… here are some really great tips on finding the right venue for you.

  1. Create your budget. This is what you can afford to spend on your wedding. Once you have it broken down into segments move to step 2.

  2. Use the internet. Google venue’s in your area and start calling for prices (if they don’t have them listed). Don’t go and see the ones that don’t fit in your budget. If you have a small budget then look at city/government owned venues, they are much cheaper. Also think out of the box, empty store fronts could be awesome for a reception. Also look into the church that you attend for your ceremony.

  3. Once you have a list of venues that fit in your budget try to visit all of them in one day. This way it is easy to rule out the ones that you don’t like or the ones that added on cost vs. your call or their website.

  4. As you visit ASK Questions, what is included, how many tables and chairs do you have and in what sizes? Make sure you walk out of there with a copy of their contract (for details) and their package information.

  5. Once you’ve visited all of them sit down with your spouse to be and go through and list out the pros and cons of each one. Once you’ve decided - book it!

A disclaimer - wedding planners help you create your budget, they elimiate the #2 and hand you the list for #3. Most even have the answers that you need for #4. Having a wedding planner with you can not only save you time and energy they can save you money!

Happy Planning!

It's all in the details....

These are some of my favorite wedding detail photos!  Some are from our own weddings and some are from pintrest.  I like to post these every so often so if you are planning your own wedding....don't forget the details!  

Invitation Styling

Jewelry and Accessories

Wedding Day Hangers

The Groom 

Floral Details



Place setting



Table Numbers and Menus

Weddings Used To Be At High Noon!

I love a bride that loves tradition, with some twists!  

For instance did you know that weddings were NEVER on Saturdays!?  

More than a century ago, there was a rhyme that helped brides pick a wedding date. Mondays were for wealth and Tuesdays for health.  "Wednesday the best day of all, Thursdays for crosses, Fridays for losses, and Saturday for no luck at all." The 1903 White House Etiquette guide reminded young, society women of the rhyme and also noted that in addition to bringing terrible luck, Saturday weddings were terribly unfashionable.  In today's world most weddings are on Saturday, some on Friday & Sunday.  

Did you know that most weddings began at Noon!  "High noon," assured the White House Etiquette guide, was the most fashionable time to get married. Lunchtime weddings were modeled after English tradition, and demanded more effort than the late afternoon nuptial, which only required a reception.  In addition receptions were optional - this is why receiving lines were created.  You had your ceremony did the receiving line and you left.  Your guests could enjoy cake and punch, but more often they left right after!

These are all fantastic tradtions that can be altered to any couple.  The "high noon" tradition and receiving line with no recpetion are great options for couples on a budget!


Ask the Expert Events

Every month we post a schedule on our website and in our Facebook Groups about our Ask the Expert events.  It is an easy quick and very informative event.  You sign up for a 30 minute time slot.  Veronica will call you as requested and you ask questions.

These events benefit those that are planning their weddings on their own and need a little help, those that may be looking into hiring a planner, those that may have a "planner" but need more assistance.  We answer questions from creating your budget to the best places to find wedding decor.

We also answer questions on hosting your Destination wedding or honeymoon at a Sandals or Beaches Resort!

These events are free and they are scheduled for the rest of the year so if you need a little help sign up for your 30 minute time slot today!

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Triad Wedding Resale & Planning Group

If you live in the Triad Area and haven't joined the Facebook Group - Triad Wedding Resale & Planning Group you are missing out. 

Not only can you find some really great details and new and used wedding decor, but you can also attend classes - both online and in person to make sure that your wedding day is all that you've ever wanted it to be. 

This group is run by Behind The Scenes Inc and is open to all brides and their families!  We don't do ads so you won't be bombarded and of course we want you to ask questions!