Now that you are engaged...

Don’t run out and start hunting for venue’s or your dress! There is no rush I promise if your love is true you’ll have enough time to do the most important thing first.


Yes, I know its terrible to have to go through those numbers when you don’t know what things cost, but guess what? That is not what a wedding budget is! A budget is what you can afford for your wedding day. I know I’ve written quite a few posts trying to explain this but it seems every year about now someone gets themselves in a financial bind just because of skipping or misunderstanding this step.

How do you find out what your wedding budget is? How much can you afford to spend each month? Look at it as a bill, can you finace $500 a month $1000 or more? Do you have other family contributing to the wedding? Take all of this into consideration and have the conversations with your family this way everyone is on the same page and you won’t get into a bind later down the line.

What is the second most important step?


Yes, this is an important line item in your budget and I’m going to tell you why. A wedding planner does everyday what you cannot comprehend. She is the one that will find the venue for your wedding - within your budget, your photographer - within your budget, and so on. Not only that she is going to elimiate a bunch of steps that you have to take on if you do your wedding on your own so all you have to concentrate on is attire.

Those lists that you see online don’t do weddings justice. We once had 32 paid professionals all setting up at once for a wedding. I do understand that not all weddings are that intricate but they all mean something special to someone so why not take the extra step in guaranteeing that it is all that you ever belived that it would be?

A DJ vs. A Wedding DJ

This past year we've had the honor - and not so much of an honor working with DJ's and Wedding DJ's and YES! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

Some of my Wedding DJ friends might appreciate this post and the NON- Wedding DJ Friends might not, but if I want a wedding to go off with out a huge issue - we need wedding DJ's at weddings!!

At one of the weddings this year we had a non-wedding DJ say that he wasn't going to do the announcements, that he didn't know what to say and that he would charge the coupe $50 extra! Needless to say I ended up doing the announcements because I didn't want him messing things up, but it is difficult to hand a bride her toss bouquet and do all the announcements on my own.  When it came time for dancing he played what he would have played at the club - cuss words and all!!!  People started leaving early and the bride and groom left about an hour and a half before scheduled time.

Then we had a wedding with an actual WEDDING DJ! Announcements were made (flawless) and games were played (again, flawless) and the guests had a great time.  For the dancing the same music as the wedding above was played - but clean versions and people stayed longer, danced longer and had a lot of fun.  The bride and groom left on time and guests stayed and danced a little while we started cleaning up and it was fun to have music while we picked up candles and pulled linen!

I've done many posts over the years of why couples should hire professionals in the industry, but it seems no matter what there is always someone that doesn't listen.

Oh yeah - we also had a couple this year that didn't pay their DJ - so he didn't show up!  Lesson learned!

Happy Planning!

Bride Budget Workshop at the Greensboro Women's Center

Finally I am getting back to teaching! :)   I love teaching brides - and potential wedding planners the business.  This class is in conjunction with the Women's Resource Center of Greensboro, it is FREE but seating is limited.

I am going to teach brides how to create - and stick to a wedding budget.

Don't get mad though if I get real with you - you can't plan a wedding for 300 with $5,000 that looks like David Tutera did it.  I have prepared a presentation with average spend figures for weddings in the area and will be prepared to answer questions!

Please contact the Women's Resource Center at 628 Summit Ave, Greensboro, NC 27405  (336) 275-6090  to RSVP for the event!