Marbled Table Linens

I am so in love with these table linens!  Just think about how beautiful they would look on your reception tables!? We love new Trends at Behind The Scenes Inc, it makes each wedding so very unique and we pride ourselves on putting the energy of both the bride and the groom into their wedding decor and planning process!

Artful Dinner Services

  Artful Dinner

One of the things that I also do as a wedding planner is make sure that the food looks good and is served correctly. There is nothing like having someone throw down a pile of mess in front of you to eat - or having to get up and go through a buffet line to see piles of terrible looking food!

I see a lot of brides trying to short change this area and save money.  Saving money is always great EXCEPT when it comes to good food and service on your wedding day!  It is the biggest point of memory your guests will have.

Start with setting the table correctly.

Basic Table Setting

This is a basic table set up and very elegant. It is also very easy for wedding guests to understand.

Most importantly make sure the food tastes and looks good!  There is a HUGE difference between a CHEF and a COOK!

Grilled Cheese



Yes, there is an art of the wedding toast!  It’s not that hard, and it can be a lot of fun so here are some pointers that you should take into consideration when preparing.

Why do they call it a "toast"? It comes from the French custom of putting a piece of bread at the bottom of a wine goblet.  The goblet was passed around to honored guests and the guest who got it last would eat the bread.  Not sure if this would work today!

Tip For the Bride & Groom - When someone is toasting you, don’t raise your glass like everyone else.  Since you are the ones being honored, it is not considered polite to toast yourself.

Who speaks?  It should only be the VIP’s, after all it is your wedding – not open mike night.  The best man and maid or matron of honor should keep it short and sweet.  If someone is going to be long-winded – they should keep it for the rehearsal dinner.  Parents should also do their toasting at the rehearsal dinner.

If you (the bride & groom) want to toast your guests try to do it at the end of the night – right before the last dance so your guests can begin getting ready to leave for the evening.

The toasts should also take place AFTER you cut the cake! This way your caterer has time to begin slicing during the toasts and by the end of the toasts your first guests are enjoying the cake!

Just a little tip to keep the ball rolling from a wedding planner!

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