Destination Wedding vs. Wedding At Home

There are a lot of times that a couples budget just doesn’t cut it. An example would be you want to have a beautiful wedding like in the magazines for 150 guests on a $3,000 budget. Not going to happen. One of two things will happen - it will not be like that photo in the magazine, your guests will be hungary or two you will go over budget. What I always suggest is that the couple considers 1. Lowering the guest count. 2. Hosting a beautiful ceremony and then do cake and punch after or 3. Host a destination wedding.

I add in the destination wedding because couples always want a honeymoon but can’t afford it, so this is a way that both can happen.

Below are two links - one for average pricing of a wedding in North Carolina and the other a quote for a destination wedding, that I sent off last week. Tell me what you think….

Which would you prefer?

Happy Planning!