All About The Royal Wedding - From Start to Ceremony

Now, I'm not going to quote anything here, nor am I going to give you the why's behind why the royals do what they do.  There are plenty of websites and blogs about that.  I did get the photos from Town & Country's Pintrest page so you may want to check that out too!

What I am going to do is take you on a ride of planning your own wedding with true meaning for you and your significant other.  To show you how to make sure that each moment is full of meaning, that the planning process means something and so that its not just about - "let me get that too" type of syndrome.

Engagement Ring

RW Engagement.jpg

I love the fact that the ring has significance.  Everything they've done including the proposal and engagment has some sort of meaning to both their past and it moves through to their future together.  For this Harry choose the middle diamond, but the two side diamonds are from his mother's engagement ring.

Wedding Rings

RW Wedding Rings.jpg

Again, this ring design is significant to the both of them.  She chose gold bands but the gems are from Harry's moms wedding ring - Princess Diana. 

The Arrival


How happy her mother must have been for her! Also how nervous and out of place her mother may have felt being in a different country and with Royalty no less!  I am super proud of her mom for holding it togeher and being such a beautiful and classy woman herself!  


RW Ceremony.jpg

I thought her ceremony was just beautiful!  They had the traditions of the old English Church with some traditions of Meghan's own.  My favorite part was Ben E. King singing "Stand by Me".  Another favorite part was when Prince Harry's Aunt (Princess Diana's Sister) stood up and did her reading.  Part of making your own wedding memorable is making sure that you add in your own traditions or start some new ones.

Carriage Ride Through Windsor

RW Carriage Ride.jpg

Instead of running off for photos like we do here in America, I loved the fact that they went to have a carriage ride to allow the citizens and tourists of Windor celebrate their wedding day with them.  Yes, I get it, it was a quick ride through, but how thoughtful.  I would have LOVED to have been there!  Another fantastic part of Meghan is that she doesn't wear a lot of makeup.  She is a natural beauty and just allows that to shine through!  In your own wedding what about getting back to the Receiving Line!  I know they take a while, but it really helps to move guests along and allows the guests to congratulate you! 

The Dress

RW Dress 2.jpg

Ok, I have a little information for you - but its the dress!  Ms. Meghan Markle’s wedding dress has been designed by the acclaimed British designer, Clare Waight Keller. Ms. Waight Keller last year became the first female Artistic Director at the historic French fashion house Givenchy.  I thought it was stunning and classy and sometimes you don't need a lot of "bling" to be shining! Her dress was perfect for her and perfect for the occasion and the location of her wedding.

RW Dress.jpg

Bridesmaids & Page Boys

RW Bridesmaids & Page Boys.jpg

What do you do when you can't choose a Bridesmaid?  You choose 10 little ones!  I thought this was fantastic and just so cute.  She choose family from both her side and Harry's.  Also in tradition the bride usually walks before the bridal party - because she is more important.  I also thought the page boys were cute and loved catching a glimpse of the wedding planning "shooing" them along!

Reception Dress

RW Reception Dress.jpg

As a nod of respect to Harry's mother Meghan's reception dress was made similar to the one Princess Diana wore to her own reception following her own wedding ceremony. I am eager to see how she does and what differences she can make in our own world.

I'll be following up with a couple of posts on the Royal Wedding Invitations and Receptions - yes two, very soon!

Happy Planning