Have you decided to change your last name after your wedding?

It is always a tough decision - Do you change your name? Do you hyphenate? Now even will he take your last name? There are so many options.

Just because you have a marriage license with your new last name, doesn't mean you've officially changed your name. (If you thought that was the hard part, wait until you see the lines at the social security office and DMV.) There's a shortcut, though: Make it easy on yourself and fast-track your paperwork with the brilliant and easy.

Just follow the link for directions!

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Why you should rent linens for your wedding.

I know I get it all the time…its cheaper to buy linens. Well I am a firm beliver of you get what you pay for. If you want cheap see through polyester linens then go for it. If you want a beautiful elegant looking wedding, then…get ready to pay a little more.

A good wedding planner knows where to get linen rentals QUALITY ONES at prices near purchasing, unless they are speciality linens. This image below is the free linens that you get from almost any venue. Really look at the photo because you should see: 1. that the linens don’t fit the table. They are short and will show the legs of the table. 2. that the chair covers don’t fit and by the end of the night they will be all slid off the chair and on the floor. 3. That it is actually 2 table linens on the table instead of just the one.


Now take a peek at this table. This table has rented linens $14 each in any color that you can imagine. Showing in white so you can see the difference. Also an upgrade on chairs. Chair covers you can buy for about $2 each, rent them for the same or upgrade your chairs from $5 to $8 depending on your area rental company or any specials that may be running.


One last photo for you. These are some brand new speciality linens that are available. They are beautiful in everyway, they of course are more expensive, but you can use them on just the cake table or your cake and sweetheart table to enhance your event.

Tell me your thoughts?

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