Ordering Table Linens

Just one of the many details that enhance the look of a wedding are of course the wedding linens!  Here are some tips on ordering your own.  (Of course if you hired us....this would be taken care of!)

  1. Make sure you have your guests are seated comfortably and that you have an accurate account of who will be attending. 
  2. Call your wedding venue and make sure that you have the sizes of the table and ask what size linen do they recommend for the look that you are going for.
  3. Make sure that you have a floor plan of what the table set up will look like.  This should include, guest tables, sweetheart and/or head tables, gift tables, cake tables, candybar, and food tables. Each table size should be listed so you order the correct number and size of table linens.
  4. Now that you have all of this information - choose your linens!!

Check out some of the new fabrics we've added to our line!

Purple Burlap

Burnt Orange Burlap

Coral Cotton

Blush Cotton

Royal Shantung

Orchid Shantung

Navy Shantung

Mint Shantung

Coral Shantung

Charcoal Shantung

Blush Shantung

Navy/White Print

Orange Chevron Print

White Hemstitch

Coral Organza

Silver Hemstitch

Royal Hemstitch

Ivory Hemstitch

Navy Hemstitch

Gold Hemstitch

Brown Hemstitch

Silver Glitter Glitz

Black Hemstitch

Mauve Glitter Glitz

Champagne Glitter Glitz

Black Glitter Glitz

White Gardenia

Ivory Gardenia

Champagne Gardenia

Coral Flower Taffeta

Blush Flower Taffeta

Ivory Flocking Damask

Champagne Chain Link