Benefits of Hiring an Event Designer

Yes, there is a difference between a wedding planner and an event designer.  A planner plans and a designer designs.  Very different.  Anyway here are some benefits of hiring an event designer! Time Saver 

Why hunt for wedding linens and all those little details?  You should be enjoying your time being engaged.  Let a professional help with all that.  We are trained to make your event look and feel like you as a couple!


We've done it before.  Most likely this is your first time getting married - or having a wedding.  Its our 200th time! We work everyday to gather information on items, professionals, pricing, venues, etc.  Let us use our knowledge to your benefit.


We do attend those boring networking evenings (some are fun), to make sure that we know who is who in our industry.  We also keep track of what they can - and cannot do, what they charge, etc so we can pass that knowledge onto our clients.

Worry Free

All you need to worry about is your hair, makeup and attire.  That is it.  We worry about your guests having a good time, making sure that everything is as you wanted it (or more!).


Even if you are creative a wedding designer can come up with something unique just for the two of you.  Sometime it is a backdrop, food display, guest table design, centerpiece design, invitation design.  There are loads of places for a designer to be creative in a wedding!

Just a few of our designs:

Why do you have to buy your gown so far in advance? Where do you get a dress from?

A more couture bride will need to purchase her gown 9 months in advance (this is AFTER the location is BOOKED),  This is for those brides that don't buy off the rack.  Most couture gowns need to be made and it takes time to make them to your size specifications.  Then since the dress was ordered so far in advance you'll need to have alterations done, again this takes time depending on the beading and folds on the dress.  You don't want to rush the process because that is when errors happen You should have your dress in hand for final alterations at least 3 months before the wedding date.


There are a lot of brides out there the rush and buy their dress.  This is a little backwards, you find the dress that fits the overall theme and/or environment of your wedding day. You dont want to rush out and buy a ball gown and then decide to get married on the beach right!?

Some of the different types of shops to start looking in:

1. Head on out to a destination Salon! Visit Kleinfield's in New York or a designers shop - please note that there aren't any in North Carolina.

2. Want to stay local there are a few local bridal salons, but you should call ahead and make an appointment.

3. You can try one of those wedding mega stores like David's Bridal

4. Want to try your dress on at home? Go online just be sure to read all of the instructions first.  You don't want to get stuck with a dress that you don't want and can't afford.

Happy Planning!

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