Yes, there is an art of the wedding toast!  It’s not that hard, and it can be a lot of fun so here are some pointers that you should take into consideration when preparing.

Why do they call it a "toast"? It comes from the French custom of putting a piece of bread at the bottom of a wine goblet.  The goblet was passed around to honored guests and the guest who got it last would eat the bread.  Not sure if this would work today!

Tip For the Bride & Groom - When someone is toasting you, don’t raise your glass like everyone else.  Since you are the ones being honored, it is not considered polite to toast yourself.

Who speaks?  It should only be the VIP’s, after all it is your wedding – not open mike night.  The best man and maid or matron of honor should keep it short and sweet.  If someone is going to be long-winded – they should keep it for the rehearsal dinner.  Parents should also do their toasting at the rehearsal dinner.

If you (the bride & groom) want to toast your guests try to do it at the end of the night – right before the last dance so your guests can begin getting ready to leave for the evening.

The toasts should also take place AFTER you cut the cake! This way your caterer has time to begin slicing during the toasts and by the end of the toasts your first guests are enjoying the cake!

Just a little tip to keep the ball rolling from a wedding planner!

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Test Drive Your Wedding with Sandals & Beaches Resorts!

Preview your Weddingmoon®with 2 nights in paradise!

Yes! We took this photo on our way to Breakfast!

Now you can get a sneak peek of what's in store for your dream destination wedding! Hop on a plane to the Caribbean and Test Drive Your WeddingMoon® at Sandals Resorts. Chat one-on-one with wedding experts, look over venue, décor, cake and flower options, and take-in the surrounding tropical beauty as you experience first-hand everything our Luxury Included® resorts have to offer. Don't be shy. Take a closer look. We're confident once you visit our breathtaking resorts, you'll know you are making the right decision in choosing Sandals® for your special day. Best of all, you'll receive up to a $700 credit* when you book your WeddingMoon® group of 10 rooms or more!

D'andre & Anthony got married in 2014 at Sandals in Jamaica!


What is included you ask?  Check out the below!


Inclusions FOR COUPLES:

  • Round-trip Airport Transfers
  • Luxurious Accommodations
  • Meet and Greet with Resort Wedding Team
  • Meet with Snap Shots® Wedding Photography Team
  • Champagne and Cake Tasting
  • Wedding Décor Sampling
  • Resort Preview (inclusive of nearby Sandals or Beaches Resort if applicable)
  • Savor the world with Discovery Dining at up to 15 different restaurants
  • Unlimited top-shelf premium drinks and Beringer® Wines
  • Access to unlimited land and water sports
  • Access to the Luxury Award-winning Red Lane® Spa
  • Nightly Entertainment
  • Romantic dinner for two at a resort specialty restaurant with white-glove service and a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine
  • Complimentary 5x7 photograph

Ready to go?  Just click here and fill out the form and a representative from Sandals will contact you to discuss details!  If you change your mind....well you are allowed to do that!


Why do you have to buy your gown so far in advance? Where do you get a dress from?

A more couture bride will need to purchase her gown 9 months in advance (this is AFTER the location is BOOKED),  This is for those brides that don't buy off the rack.  Most couture gowns need to be made and it takes time to make them to your size specifications.  Then since the dress was ordered so far in advance you'll need to have alterations done, again this takes time depending on the beading and folds on the dress.  You don't want to rush the process because that is when errors happen You should have your dress in hand for final alterations at least 3 months before the wedding date.


There are a lot of brides out there the rush and buy their dress.  This is a little backwards, you find the dress that fits the overall theme and/or environment of your wedding day. You dont want to rush out and buy a ball gown and then decide to get married on the beach right!?

Some of the different types of shops to start looking in:

1. Head on out to a destination Salon! Visit Kleinfield's in New York or a designers shop - please note that there aren't any in North Carolina.

2. Want to stay local there are a few local bridal salons, but you should call ahead and make an appointment.

3. You can try one of those wedding mega stores like David's Bridal

4. Want to try your dress on at home? Go online just be sure to read all of the instructions first.  You don't want to get stuck with a dress that you don't want and can't afford.

Happy Planning!

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Do you want your wedding in print?

Thankfully over the years we've had several weddings in print from local wedding mags, blogs to national magazines and websites.  What we hear quite a bit from our clients is "We want to see our wedding in print".  It is possible - no matter what the budget as long as it is pretty and you don't miss the following images:

  1. Your Stationery Suite - this includes your Save The Dates, invitations, even down to the table numbers and menu cards.
  2. The Cake - Have you seen a real wedding in print and not the cake?
  3. Kids and/or Pets! - Self explanatory.
  4. Scenic Shot with the couple - background of forestry or the beautifully lit venue
  5. Shoes - go for color!
  6. Venue - this doesn't mean the front of the building, it means the set up of tables, table settings, centerpieces, etc.  Be sure to use color table linens - otherwise the white just wash everything out.
  7. Bridesmaids - do something fun!
  8. Aisle Markers - have something going down to mark your entrances.  Don't forget the altar area also.  Even if it is just a small backdrop with some up lights, it makes a huge difference!
  9. Bouquet - DUH!
  10. Boutonniere - Double DUH!
  11. The Recessional - this is you as a married couple leaving the altar.
  12. Escort Cards - make this interesting, also this photo needs to be taken before any of the escort cards are missing!
  13. Centerpieces.....of course!
  14. The Getaway.  These are the sparklers the old timey cars, limo's or just running down the street!

Check out our press page for inspiration!

Happy Planning!

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New Year, New Wedding, New Color!

happy-new-year-hd-wallpaper-2013-4 There were more than a few that got engaged over the holiday from Christmas to New Year to Valentine's Day are when the most marriage proposals occur.  It is also the time when resolutions are made, promises are made and wedding planning begins!

Your first step in planning is of course your budget....but I wanted to show you the Pantone Color of the Year!

Color of The Year

I think it is beautiful and elegant....and can be paired with almost any color.  What are your thoughts?

Happy Planning!

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New Year....New Service!

3149_RRFF550NGW2zm Over the last 12 going on 13 years we've helped many brides with RSVP services, but usually they are our current clients.  I would like to open this up to clients that want to plan their own wedding because I think it is super important and difficult for brides to handle!  Here is a description of what we are offering:

More details:

  • When using RSVP Services, you can get a 20% discount on invitations purchased from us!  If you decide not to purchase invitations from us the price is still the same Prior to purchasing your invitations, let us know and we'll give you the information that you need for your RSVP cards and envelopes.
  • Your assigned wedding planner will then make sure that we receive the invitations, put the invitations together and get them in the mail.  We do this all within 7 - 10 days or less.  We'll load your guest list in our planning portal and send you the access information.
  • Access your incoming reservations 24/7. Via the planning portal you can see who's RSVP has been received.  You can use the portal to collect gift information and make sure that you send out Thank you cards also! Use our online event manager to keep all of your guests' information in one place. We make updates each time a card is received.
  • About 3 weeks before your wedding date we will call of your weddings guests that haven't sent in an RSVP card to see if they plan on attending so you can give the caterer, rental company and venue an accurate guest count.  We will even call guests who RSVP for more than you invited.

Why hire us?

  • An accurate catering bill—no wasted food!
  • We make reminder calls to those who don't RSVP on time.
  • Do you have a guest who decided to invite some extra friends to your wedding? We will make those uncomfortable calls for you - at no extra charge.
  • No long distance phone charges
  • You can store as little or as much information about each guest as you want.
  • We take the worry our of putting your wedding invitations together and making sure that they get mailed on time!


  • 24-hour access to guest list management and real-time reservation tracking tools.
  • Outbound calling system to remind guests to RSVP, remind them to attend, or just about anything else!
  • A dedicated wedding planner who will build your RSVP guest list.
  • Invitation service, we put them together, number your RSVP cards to match your guest list and take them to the post office for you!
  • And that’s just the beginning!

The cost is $99 for an unlimited number of guests.

Please note this price is only good until January 31st!

Follow this link for more information!

Happy Planning!

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