Benefits of Hiring an Event Designer

Yes, there is a difference between a wedding planner and an event designer.  A planner plans and a designer designs.  Very different.  Anyway here are some benefits of hiring an event designer! Time Saver 

Why hunt for wedding linens and all those little details?  You should be enjoying your time being engaged.  Let a professional help with all that.  We are trained to make your event look and feel like you as a couple!


We've done it before.  Most likely this is your first time getting married - or having a wedding.  Its our 200th time! We work everyday to gather information on items, professionals, pricing, venues, etc.  Let us use our knowledge to your benefit.


We do attend those boring networking evenings (some are fun), to make sure that we know who is who in our industry.  We also keep track of what they can - and cannot do, what they charge, etc so we can pass that knowledge onto our clients.

Worry Free

All you need to worry about is your hair, makeup and attire.  That is it.  We worry about your guests having a good time, making sure that everything is as you wanted it (or more!).


Even if you are creative a wedding designer can come up with something unique just for the two of you.  Sometime it is a backdrop, food display, guest table design, centerpiece design, invitation design.  There are loads of places for a designer to be creative in a wedding!

Just a few of our designs:

Velvet Linens!

It's not your mom's velvet (or mine for that matter!) These unique table linens are soft and beautiful and adds a layer of elegance that just isn't seen anymore.  Check out these fantastic photos! Then call us at 336-525-9331 or email to make your reservation today!

Things to Consider before booking your wedding venue

greensboro-country-club Photo above: Greensboro Country Club

Other than the dress one of the first things that brides run out to do is find their wedding venue.  This can be dangerous if you don't have a budget in mind or created.  You'll need to know how much you can spend on each area of your wedding before you starting booking and buying things.

We have lots of traditional locations in Greensboro and our surrounding areas to host a wedding.  We also have some not so traditional locations and then of course some off the beaten track locations.

When looking for your venue it is a good idea to have a plan in mind first - and then find the venue that suits it.  99% of the time brides look for the venue and then try to fit their ideas around the venue.  It is easier the other way.

I'm not the type of planner that will give you a list of things to look for - I'm giving you an honest way to do things to make your wedding day what you've always wanted.

Any questions!?

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Marbled Table Linens

I am so in love with these table linens!  Just think about how beautiful they would look on your reception tables!? We love new Trends at Behind The Scenes Inc, it makes each wedding so very unique and we pride ourselves on putting the energy of both the bride and the groom into their wedding decor and planning process!

Which bride will allow me to do this at her wedding?

I found something that I so want to do at an outdoor cocktail hour!  I think it would be so much fun for your wedding guests and you (the bride & groom) and me (your planner)!  We would build this backdrop of canvas attach balloons filled with paints (your choice of colors) and then your weddings guests each get a dart to throw to burst the balloons (or not!) and then you have a great piece of art for your home – and a great memory of all the fun everyone had busting balloons on your wedding day! wish451

Planning good activities or making sure that you guests are well fed - and hydrated are crucial to a great cocktail hour!

What do you have planned for your wedding guests?

Happy Planning!

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