Floral Preservation


How does ordering floral preservation work?

We call it our "No Stress Floral Preservation Program"!

Behind The Scenes Inc & Keepsake Floral makes preserving your flowers extremely easy. We give you the most flexibility around, due in part to our ability to accept orders even after the wedding AND because everything we create is custom-made. YOU are the most important part of our design process! We work with you to create a keepsake designed to your specifications, listening to your requests and input. We take great pride in assisting each bride individually with professionalism and unparalleled customer service - from inquiry to delivery.

  1. To begin, simply contact us to place your deposit before or even after the wedding or event has occurred. We only require a deposit and your flowers to start the preservation process. The deposit is $190, plus shipping charges.

  2. NO design decisions are required at this time. You have plenty of other things to focus on! You will work with a design consultant 2 to 3 weeks after the event to make your final design decisions. NO final balances are due at this time, only a deposit.

  3. Behind The Scenes Inc will ship your bouquet (on ice) to the Floral Preservation Studio in Florida - Keepsake Floral We can include a copy of your invitations and photos.

  4. Keepsake Floral preserves your flowers immediately upon arrival at our Design Studio. See "What is Floral Preservation" for more information on the preservation steps.

  5. Keepsake Floral will send you a customized timeline for your flowers and information about your order.

  6. A few weeks after your wedding or event, you'll work by appointment with one of our Design Consultants either over the phone or in our Design Studio. Our consultants will walk you through the decision making process and finalize the design of your keepsake.

  7. We welcome and gladly incorporate your special invitation, photo, program, favors and other items into your keepsake. Your Design Consultant will work with you to create a beautiful layout using these items.

  8. Once a final design and specifications are chosen with the Design Consultant, a final balance will be calculated and due.

  9. A confirmation letter detailing your choices is sent to you for verification.

  10. Your keepsake is custom-designed according to your selections and specifications by our master designers who spend many hours creating each keepsake.

  11. Keepsakes are custom-framed and finished and then specially sealed.

  12. Your keepsake is shipped approximately 16-20 weeks after the design decisions are made and the balance is paid, though some keepsakes may be shipped before or after these estimates.