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Your guests should be treated like royalty.

One way to do that is to make sure that you reserve accommodations for them at a hotel near the wedding ceremony or reception. If your wedding is in two different locations then you should consider a hotel closest to the reception site, as they will be spending more time there.

At Behind The Scenes inc we can do hotel room blocks for you - FREE of charge!

What we do:

1. There is an online questionnaire that we need you to fill out with your contact information and number of out of town guests and of course information on your wedding day.

2. Once we receive the information we will respond with 3 options of hotels (24-48 business hours), you tell us which hotel(s) you want a room block created for and we'll handle the rest.

3. We will then email you all the details that you'll need to send to your guests! We of course can create more than one for you!

4. We can also arrange a hospitality room that you can stock with snacks and beverages; that way, out-of-towners can gather and get to know one another before the wedding. Hotels with a lively bar scene are also great spots for travel-weary guests to unwind.

5. We also recommend that about a month before your wedding (from receiving your RSVP's) you contact the Visitor's Center and have them send all of your guests local city guides or create guest bags with them and leave them at the hotel for your guests' arrivals.

If you are ready to fill out the Room Block Questionnaire, just scroll down!

Still have questions?

  1. Can you set up room blocks nationwide? Yes! We can also set up room blocks in the Caribbean Islands, Canada and Mexico!
  2. Who signs the contracts? We negotiate and sign all courtesy agreements.  This way you will not be responsible for any rooms that go unused.  If you want to guarantee rooms (pre-pay) then the clients will sign the contracts.
  3. How do my guests make their reservations? All reservations are made through the hotel directly.  We will provide you with an information sheet complete with phone numbers or web addresses that you guests can use.
  4. How do I let my guests know about the room block?  We have several ways that we can assist you with this. 1) We can create invitation inserts that you can include in your wedding invitation. 2) We can create an event website for you that would host all of the details of your event - including the room block information.
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The following information should be filled out - per hotel - if you need additional hotels then please start over and fill out another form.
Preferred Hotel Address
Preferred Hotel Address
A partial address is fine :)
Estimated Check In Date
Estimated Check In Date
Estimated Check Out Date
Estimated Check Out Date
Please note: Must be 10 or more rooms to receive a discounted rate.
What amenities are important to your guests?
We will get back to you usually in 48 hours with your room block information via email. If you prefer another mode of contact please note that.
This is not always possible but if we can we will try to find a hotel in the budget that you select.