Live Floral Donations

Sure, you can always encourage your guests to take the centerpieces home, but you'll probably be left with more flowers than you know what to do with. Instead of throwing those pretty petals into the trash, why not make the generous choice to donate them to a great cause?


Step 1

We contact your florist about your order to make sure that either the containers are not rentals or that the florals will be inside removable plastic containers. This will make sure that we know what we should remove and what we shouldn’t remove.


Step 2

Next, Immediately after your wedding or corporate event concludes, we will remove your floral arrangements that would otherwise wind up in the trash. Depending on how large we may re-design them into smaller bouquets for bedside tables.


Step 3

On your behalf, we will deliver your flowers to patients in hospices, cancer treatment centers, domestic abuse and homeless shelters. Within hours, your flowers are making a positive social impact within the community.

We do this at no charge to you the client or the receiving organization. As a business and as God loving humans we want to spread the joy as wedding days and other celebrations are meant to be shared.

At this time we can only service the Triad area, but hopefully we will be expanding soon!