RSVP Services

Let us help you manage the most important part of your wedding planning - your RSVP's!

How it Works

If you haven't purchased your wedding invitations yet, we offer a 20% discount on all invitations purchased through us when you contract us to handle your RSVP's for you!

If you have purchased your invitations you can have them sent to us or we'll meet you to pick them up and make sure that the RSVP cards match your guest list and put the invitations together if needed.  Then we'll put them in the mail for you.  The RSVP's are mailed back to us and we keep track for you.  You will have access to our Guest Reservation System via our planning portal, which gives you the tools to check how RSVP's are going.  

More details:

  • Prior to purchasing your invitations, let us know and we'll give you the information that you need for your RSVP cards and envelopes.

  • Your assigned wedding planner will then make sure that we receive the invitations, put the invitations together and get them in the mail. We do this all within 7 - 10 days or less. We'll load your guest list in our planning portal and send you the access information to review.

  • Access your incoming reservations 24/7. Via the planning portal you can see who's RSVP has been received. You can use the portal to collect gift information and make sure that you send out Thank you cards also! Use our online event manager to keep all of your guests' information in one place. We make updates each time a card is received.

  • About 3 weeks before your wedding date we will call of your weddings guests that haven't sent in an RSVP card to see if they plan on attending so you can give the caterer, rental company and venue an accurate guest count. We will even call guests who RSVP for more than you invited.


Why hire us?

  • An accurate catering bill—no wasted food or extra money to spend.

  • We make reminder calls to those who don't RSVP on time.

  • Do you have a guest who decided to invite some extra friends to your wedding? We will make those uncomfortable calls for you - at no extra charge.

  • No long distance phone charges

  • You can store as little or as much information about each guest as you want.

  • We take the worry our of putting your wedding invitations together and making sure that they get mailed on time!


  • 24-hour access to guest list management and real-time reservation tracking tools.

  • Outbound calling system to remind guests to RSVP, remind them to attend, or just about anything else!

  • A dedicated wedding planner who will build your RSVP guest list with you.

  • Invitation service, we put them together, number your RSVP cards to match your guest list and take them to the post office for you!

  • Want the addresses printed on the envelopes? Our printing services can do that for you also!

What it costs

We charge $1 per invitation when you purchase invitations through us - custom invites or invites from our website.  If you bring your invitations already printed to us we charge $1.75 per invitation.