Table Top Soiree 

Photo by Glessner Photography

Photo by Glessner Photography

Not sure what to do with your wedding linens? Want something a little different?  Tired of attending weddings with square hotel linens on a round table?

Make your wedding unique!

We have thousands of options to choose from - or let our wedding planners / designers show you what they can do for your wedding day.

We'll set up 3 tables for you - sweetheart table, guest table and/or cocktail table - your choice, choose one of each or all of the same.  You answer a questionnaire and send it in and let our designers take it from there - or you can choose the linens that you want to see.

The cost is $35 per wedding.  If you want something out of the box and aren't sure what is out there - sign up and we'll open your eyes! If you have any questions please contact Veronica at  If you are ready - just fill out the form below and we'll contact you with an appointment date!

We even do the viewing at your wedding venue! So you can see how everything will be put together on your wedding day!

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The cost is $25, as many people as you need can attend. We do try to host the event at your chosen wedding venue, and will secure an appointment date once the questionnaire has been completed.