Wedding Day Timeline Creation

Ok, so you skipped the idea of hiring a wedding planner, it saddens me but in certain instances I can understand.  I also understand that you still need a wedding day timeline and we can create that for you - so your wedding day doesn't go all wonky.  We still want you to have the best memories!  This is our process for creating your wedding day timeline...

Gathering Of Info

We do this in 2 steps - first you mail or email us all of your signed wedding contracts.  We need these for specifics, you can black out how much you spent but to be honest - we already know!  The second step is a conversation with you, we want to know how you want your day to flow. Plan on an hour to an hour and a half, its ok if you don't know some of the answers right now - we'll have a chance to fill in more later.

Alex and Malika Wedding-Reception-0024.jpg


We begin the creation of the timeline, with all of the specifics that we gathered from the interview. Including names of your wedding party, vendor info, and lots more. We work with your stylist for make up scheduling and hair too!  Look forward to receiving about a 12 page document depending on the complexity of your wedding day! We always confirm everything with the vendors that you've hired!

Alex and Malika Wedding-Getting Ready-0025.jpg

Button It Up

We send it out to the professionals that you've hired to get their feedback and make sure all is well, for them and for you, .  We also make sure they know what they are supposed to be doing at any given moment.  We then run through it with you and/or the person that you will have keeping track of everything.  If any tweaks need to be made, we can make them until it is perfect!

One time fee $399!!!