Wedding Planning Bootcamp

When you're engaged, wedding planning is full of promise. Then once you get into it, the planning process becomes overwhelming.  These 3 classes are built to aleviate some of the stresses and educate you on how the wedding industry works.

By the end of the classes will be ready to jump into planning your wedding with weapons of knowledge.

The event is only open to 20 brides! The cost of each class is only $5 and they will be held at Alamance Community College. The first class is going to start you off on the right foot planning - Your Wedding Budget & Guest List. The second class is all about the Checklist, so we’ll go through some of the tougher items on your planning checklist. The third class is all about Design & Decor, we’ll go through and chat about your options and ways to save a little $.


Class One

It’s all about the budget and the guest list. We’ll go through an average budget for our area and then we’ll create one from scratch so you can learn how to create your own wedding budget. We’ll also talk about guest lists and who to invite / who not to invite so you can keep on pace with your budget.


Class Two

This class is all about the checklist. We’ll hand out a complete wedding to do checklist and we’ll go through some of the items and answer questions about the entire planning process. We may even be able to knock out a few of those “to dos” during class!


Class Three

Design and decor is where a lot of brides hearts lie. We’ll go through some of the different options that you have along with some out of the box ideas. We’ll also go through some basic logistics to keep in mind for your guests and for yourself to make the actual wedding day a lot more enjoyable.